Our History

This business actually started out as a part time venture back in 1983. Peter DeFazio, founder, was one of the first individuals to incorporate a Novell network in the Northeast while working for a major retailer.

Realizing that LANS were going to be the wave of the future, he embraced the technology and soon became a consultant for hire to assist businesses incorporate Local Area Networks into their own environments.

Years have gone by, and finally, in 1999, Innovative Communications, LLC was born. Thanks to a lot of sweat and hard work, we have the luxury of working with fabulous people who have ended up becoming great friends.

A big Thank You to Integrity Systems & Solutions, LLC. We are proud to have what we feel is the greatest partnership in the industry!

Last but not least, we would not be here if it weren’t for the faithful client base we are so proud to serve. To all of you ... Thank you for your continued support!